In addition to experience and compassion, modern dental technology helps us offer excellent dental care to our community. We love the way a new device can make your care comfortable and efficient.

When you need a dental procedure, you want to know that your care is going to be painless and convenient. We can offer care that does just that here at Thompson Dental!

Explore some of our remarkable technology below!


Laser dentistry is the future! We know you will love what this soft-tissue laser can do for your dental procedure and your oral health!

This soft-tissue laser helps us perform a number of procedures:

  • Gingivectomies.
  • Frenectomies.
  • Removing lesions.
  • Crown lengthening.
  • Cold sore treatment.

Your procedure will be painless, and your recovery time will be easier, too!


We offer CEREC crowns here at Thompson Dental. From digital impressions to placement, we can restore your smile with a unique dental crown in a single visit with the help of our CEREC machine!

The CEREC Primescan includes the most up-to-date scanner available, so we can quickly take highly accurate images of your tooth. This helps the CEREC machine produce a crown that fits you perfectly!


We want your implant procedure to be successful, and our 3D implant surgical guides help us do just that!

By using specialized software, we produce a 3D model of your mouth and plan the placement of your implant. We then produce a 3D guide that will help us place the implant in the precise spot. Three-dimensional surgical guides make all the difference when it comes to the effectiveness and comfort of your implant procedure!


Say goodbye to the traditional x-ray! We use digital x-rays to quickly produce images of your mouth that are more accurate and easily shared. These x-rays use less radiation than traditional ones. Digital x-rays are just one more way that we demonstrate our commitment to your safety and comfort here at Thompson Dental!


This remarkable scanner helps us produce 3D digital models of your mouth. There are no messy, gag-inducing impressions. This scanner helps us analyze your oral structures with just a few clicks.

We use these models to track your oral health and plan a wide variety of treatments. This makes each procedure easier and more effective than ever before! From dental crowns to sleep apnea treatment, we can use this amazing scanner to improve your quality of life!


Every patient is important here at Thompson Dental! We put computers in every operatory to ensure that all of our dental professionals can be efficient and effective when caring for our valued patients.

These computers help our team gather and reference information on your health. They can also display images from our digital scanners to help you understand our recommendations for your care.


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