At Thompson Dental, we understand that occasionally an adult teeth may need to be removed for one reason or another. When a tooth extraction needs to take place, we’ll do everything we can to make you feel comfortable.

We can also show you our different tooth restoration options, so you do not have to suffer the pains of a missing tooth for long.

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Reasons for an Extraction

You may need a tooth removed for one of the following reasons:

  • You have an impacted or troublesome wisdom tooth.
  • The tooth has become too decayed, often disintegrating the root.
  • You have a broken tooth that can’t be repaired with a dental crown.
  • An infection has damaged too much of the tooth or spread to the surrounding teeth and bones.
  • You have an extra tooth, or your adult teeth don’t fit well in your mouth.

We will only recommend an extraction if it will protect your health.

Stop Dealing With Discomfort!

If you have a tooth that is causing severe pain, call us right away. We’ll see if a root canal or some other procedure can help save your tooth. Our team works hard to ensure good oral health for our patients while making each visit a pleasant experience. You can trust us to help you feel completely comfortable again!

Get Comfortable

Our dentist can quickly remove your tooth with precision and care. We ensure that you are numb, so you won’t feel pain. We want to do everything we can to help you feel comfortable during your visit.

We know that an emergency situation can make a patient feel nervous, which is one reason why we offer dental sedation. Whether you need the immediate effects of laughing gas or heavier sedation, we can help!

Wisdom Teeth

Although we don’t do wisdom teeth removal in our office, we can recommend a good oral surgeon who can do that for you. When you go to a wisdom teeth removal specialist, you can decide on different removal options, depending on your situation.

A referral to a specialist is just one more way that we show how important your oral health is to us.


Don’t wait to get the dental treatment you need. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to talk to a member of our staff. We can answer your questions and talk to you about how the extraction process works.

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