Many of us do the best we can with our smiles. Through the twice-yearly checkups for oral wellness to staying on top of our flossing to prevent dental decay, we can take pride in knowing our mouths are quite healthy. What about when our enamel isn’t the right shade of white, though? Coffee and wine can cause stains that might not come off with whitening toothpaste. Some of us might be uncomfortable with slight crookedness in our smiles or a tiny chip in a tooth. Fortunately, there is a way to restore these aesthetic issues easily!

How Veneers Benefit You

A veneer is a small piece of thin resin or porcelain that permanently adhers to your tooth. This can not only strengthen the enamel, but also improve the appearance. For some, veneers are the best solution when it comes to enhancing their teeth. It is also relatively quick, too. In as few as two appointments, you can enjoy a fresh new grin.

Especially if you work in the public eye, having an easy, confident smile can make a huge difference in your career. Though many of us would like to believe that having a perfect set of teeth is something you can be born with, the truth is many people can appreciate veneers and often will choose them over professional whitening. Besides being color-coded to the surrounding teeth to appear natural, the veneer can correct minor imperfections, including darkening or gaps.

When you are in the office, there will be an imprint of your tooth and you may be given a temporary veneer. Once the replacement arrives, the veneer will be attached to the enamel and polished to appear seamless to your tooth. Most people shouldn’t be able to detect where they merge. Afterwards, stay mindful of how the veneer feels in your mouth. A veneer isn’t meant to be permanent, but it can last a long time if taken care of. If it’s comfortable, there’s a greater chance it won’t need replacing for a while.

Getting dental work done can be the logical response to a smile you’re not happy with. Though aligners and whitening creams are available in many retail chains, veneers can give you faster, more satisfying results. For a feasible and attractive solution to a mouth full of straight white teeth, consider veneers. Check out our website for more information about this amazing dental procedure that could change how you feel about your smile.

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