At Thompson Dental, we want our patients to have beautiful smiles that make them feel more confident. We offer two orthodontics solutions. If you are looking to straighten your teeth, you can make the choice that fits your lifestyle.

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Six Month Smiles

Our office provides Six Month Smiles for our patients who are interested in a short treatment time. The Six Month Smiles program is a newer approach that uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to straighten the front teeth.


There are several reasons why you might want to choose orthodontic treatment from Six Month Smiles. This treatment is:

  • Fast. You won’t need to wait for two years to have a straight smile. This subtle orthodontic option can straighten your teeth in just six months!
  • Low Cost. The Six Month Smiles system is usually less costly than other braces options, especially because the treatment takes less time.
  • Efficient and Effective. Dr. Sean Thompson is experienced in orthodontics and can show you how quickly and effectively the Six Month Smiles Braces can work for you!
  • Braces Can Go Unnoticed. With clear brackets, you won’t draw unwanted attention to your mouth, so you can keep your confidence while straightening your teeth.

With Six Month Smiles, we can help you get your beautifully straight smile in no time!

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

The Invisalign® system has been around for over two decades and has continued to improve technology in dentistry. Invisalign® aligners are designed to go virtually unnoticed so that you can maintain your confidence and lifestyle during treatment.


Our patients love the benefits that come with invisible braces. These benefits mean that:

  • You can continue to eat the foods you love.
  • You won’t need to brush and floss around the braces.
  • People around you may not even notice you’re wearing braces because they’re clear!
  • Treatment time is shorter than with traditional braces, with most cases taking about a year.
  • The smooth aligner trays won’t cause sores in your mouth.

This orthodontic treatment is simple. Invisalign® trays are replaced every few weeks so that the trays continuously and gradually shift your teeth into place.

Between the simplicity of the treatment and the benefits of using clear aligner trays, we know this is an option worth discussing!


Are you ready to change your smile for the better? Call today to schedule a consultation. Our comfortable orthodontic options can give you a stunning new smile in less time than ever before!

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