Restoring Your Smile With Dental Implants

No one wants to have to replace a tooth. Still, many of us will need to one day. Teeth can be lost to decay, disease, or injury at any age. And while there are various methods to restore a lost tooth, dental implants is one that provides strong, permanent results. So how do implants work?

Dental implants, unlike other forms of dental restoration, seek to recreate the entire structure of a lost tooth. The first step is to plant a sturdy root. A titanium screw, called a post, is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. Once the bone grows around it, it will be as strong and stable as any natural tooth’s root, and the ideal foundation for a dental restoration.

When the post is ready, the replacement tooth will be attached to it. It will look and feel just like a natural tooth, and will retain its full functionality. In addition to single crowns, implants can support bridges and full or partial dentures. People like the additional stability that implants lend to their dental restorations. Dentures can even be retrofitted to support implants.

While the implant process can take weeks or months to complete depending on its extent, its results are lasting. Whether you have only recently lost a tooth or have lived with missing teeth for a long time, dental implants can give you back your smile, maybe even better than it was. Call Thompson Dental in Laguna Niguel, [st], today to find out more and set a consultation with Dr. Thompson. Don’t put off a great smile any longer.