We Can Replace a Lost Tooth With a Bridge

If you have recently lost a tooth due to advanced tooth decay or oral injury, you are probably interested in exploring your restoration options. Here at Thompson Dental one of the most common methods for doing this is to install a bridge anchored on the two neighboring teeth closest to the void.

A dental bridge is single piece of dental work, designed to mimic the appearance of a natural tooth fused to a pair of crowns to form a single piece of dental work. This bridge is then anchored onto abutments formed from the two neighboring teeth.

To form the abutments your dentist will remove the majority of enamel layer of each tooth, leaving a post-like structure. The dentist will then form an impression of the abutments and the corresponding teeth in your bite pattern.

At the end of the appointment temporary crowns are placed over each abutment to protect them while a dental lab works on your final bridge.

Once the dental lab has finished your permanent bridge, we will call you back in for a brief second appointment. The temporary crowns will be removed and your new permanent bridge is cemented in place over the abutments.

If you have lost a tooth or had one extracted, you should call Thompson Dental at 949-558-0111 to schedule an appointment to have the tooth restored.