What’s Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you’ve heard the phrase cosmetic dentistry, but you’re not sure what that means, you’re not in the minority. Cosmetic dentistry is a broad term that means different things to different people. Today, we’re going to define it for you in the broadest of terms to help you understand what it is and whether or not it’s something that can help you and your smile.

What is it?

Cosmetic dentistry is a term that dentists – including Dr. Thompson here at Thompson Dental in Laguna Niguel, CA, – use to refer to all dental procedures that directly improve the look of your teeth, and your overall appearance. While this type of dentistry is often elective – meaning it’s the patient’s choice for it, and not a dentist recommendation – there are a few instances in which it’s used to restore function of teeth with other issues. In those cases, dentists call it restorative dentistry.


A few examples of cosmetic dentistry include teeth whitening, and can be as drastic as a full-mouth reconstruction. Most often, though, the procedures are simple, like crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, and dental bonding. While there are many options, they all produce the same result – creating a smile that you want and one of which you’re very proud.

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